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K’enso is a combination of two words; K’e and Enso. The term K’e is a Navajo term that doesn’t quite have a direct translation, and yet conveys so much – human interconnectedness, love, cherishing, caring, esteem, and ultimately, the acknowledgment of the inherent value of each other in our web of life. Enso is a Japanese concept of a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

These two concepts refer to the ability of an individual or a team to connect with the self and community, and to their wholeness, and to allow themselves to catalyze and evoke their own transformation, in an uninhibited space.

Together, they create the beautiful whole, and epitomize our core coaching, facilitation and project management approaches.


RESHMA AZIZ KHAN – Certified Executive Coach

Reshma’s calling is to work with socially conscious professionals at different leadership levels to work through their transformational goals –whether personal or career transitions, set up of social impact enterprises, stepping up from high potential to high-performance authentic leadership, and other forms of desired transformation. Reshma also has experience with leadership programming for women particularly, and is keenly inclined to work with women leaders. With her French conversational fluency, Reshma has an added advantage in being able to work with diverse clients. Her job as a transformational coach is to help clients find clarity in their own life spaces towards finding completion of specific goals or fulfillment of bigger visions and to choose the steps to be taken towards truly living their own life purpose.


“Each of us has the spark within to truly evoke transformation in our own lives. My job is simply to be a catalyst to the client in that space, to help ignite that spark and let clients find their true inner wisdom that will guide their own journey towards reaching their desired destiny”.


Executive Coaching Practitioner Diploma – Merit
Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), UK
Herrmann Whole Brain Dominance Instrument Practitioner
Herrmann International


Reshma has worked in the non-profit sector for over a decade and has led team strategy, organizational development, and transformation initiatives in various parts of Africa as well as Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Her keen awareness on cross-cultural engagement allows her to respectfully navigate and work with people of all cultures, mind-sets, and diversities. She has a strong background in communications and leadership development, having managed leadership initiatives in the non-profit sector. Prior to this, she worked on research for indigenous knowledge-based curricula and often connects elements and concepts together for joint success.


The core of Reshma’s coaching style is based on Gestalt (the yearn for fulfilment and closure of issues) to hold clients in the present space, and this also integrates the Co-Active Model and some critical parts of the Solutions Focused approach.

Reshma uses creative methods such as visualizations, space and metaphoric exploration, as well as deeply intuitive listening and curiosity, to help clients find clarity on what is truly blocking their journey. She sees each individual coaching session as an opportunity to go with the flow as a way to find true transformation potential.

As a Herrmann Whole Brain Dominance Instrument Certified Practitioner she also observes and works with individual client thinking preferences, and customizes sessions accordingly – from the data and detail oriented logical model, to the people and creativity centred, more intuitive model.


Executive Coaching

Not-for-Profit Sector

Organizational Development and Strategy Facilitation

Leadership Program Management

Communications, Storytelling and Public Speaking


SAMEER – Project Management Consultant

Sameer is a Project and Portfolio specialist with over 15 years of professional experience, proficient in project management tools, with expertise gained in contract negotiation and administration, managing stakeholder relationships, team effectiveness, and overall project governance. He has successfully delivered key multi-million dollar projects in the architecture and built environment space, spanning from hospitality to infrastructure and industry, and, now wishes to create scalable and sustainable impact within the development and humanitarian sector through sharing of his knowledge and skills.



Reshma works in the space of authentic trust, respect and human connectedness, with ‘Thinkers’ to support individual transformation and exploration.



As one of East Africa’s few certified Herrmann Whole Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) © Practitioners, Reshma works with individuals and teams to create better individual and team cognitive diversity understanding, and leverage of this for high team effectiveness.



Reshma provides customized trainings to individuals and groups on various topics including Storytelling for LeadershipFeminine Leadership ArchetypesDiversity and Inclusion Conversations and other key areas.



Facilitating is much more than leading discussion. K’enso’s principles place authentic dialogue at the centre of strategy, change and planning. Reshma has facilitated and led dialogue sessions globally, including with the senior global leadership team of CARE International, senior regional teams in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. We also place great importance on the need for conversations around power dynamics, diversity and cultural difference, and have a keen interest in bringing these to the fore as a means of moving strategy forward.


Reshma works with senior leaders as well as emerging leaders in the social impact space who seek to overcome the blocks to their most authentic leadership. She has worked with leaders globally in this space, and use these three pillars to help accelerate transformation.

The Paradox of Change

We can only change if we truly understand who we really are, and move towards becoming more of our authentic selves

Exploring Change

Awakening and embodying our beliefs and histories that hinder us from transformation, understand them and work to let them go

Evoke Change

Move towards authentic transformation

Reshma’s coaching framework, the K’enso Coaching Mandala, also embodies these various levels, with a focus on transformation at the core, supported by a respectful coaching agreement, and using Gestalt and Co-Active coaching methods to lead transformation.
Reshma is an Associate Accredited Executive Coach with the Academy of Executive Coaching, has adequate knowledge on the Neuroscience of Change through her training through Coaches Rising, and also includes mindfulness coaching tools where required.


Gary McGurk

Country Director, CARE Myanmar

‘Reshma is very committed and driven as an individual, but she is skillful at bringing others together and facilitating the constructive conversations without necessarily bringing her own ideas and agenda into the room. Excellent person to have to facilitate either blue-sky thinking about strategic directions, or to engage different stakeholders on challenging questions.’

Arindam Biswas

Systemic Thinking expert, Business Mentor, India

‘I was in the process of shifting my career path from regular corporate to social impact work and this transition period was weighing heavily on me. I had a lot going on and was unable to get a sense of direction to navigate my career as well as unable to identify the source of my issues. Reshma helped me identify my core issues and instilled in me a renewed sense of self-confidence and guided me out of this chaotic phase. There is only one way to experience this feeling, just try her method out! My deepest gratitude to her.’

Lisa Schulze

CEO and Co-Founder at Lifelab and Homebase, Germany

‘Reshma has supported me and my business partner with exceptional coaching throughout this very challenging year. We are a young startup and are highly affected by the COVID19 pandemic. With Reshma’s help we could navigate these hard times much better, focus on what is essential and make tough decisions. Her visualization techniques also helped us make a shift in the communication between us in the leadership team which was an amazing breakthrough. Personally, I especially appreciate Reshma’s coaching style which allowed us to ‘go with the flow’ & bring to the sessions what was on our minds at that moment as that is hard to plan especially in these turbulent times and it didn’t feel so constructed as other coaching. This made all the difference that the coaching was so beneficial to us & didn’t feel like another to do but as sacred time to improve our leadership.’

Bushra Aldukhainah

Humanitarian worker in Yemen

Dear Reshma;

I am writing you to express my gratitude and appreciation for the time I spent with you in the individual and group session. It was really a wonderful experience where I was able to reflect deeply on myself and to acknowledge it as I deserve. Through your inspiration, experience sharing, listening and coaching I was able to re activate lots of buried feelings that I kept ignoring towards myself for years.


I am so grateful that you have been part of the inspiration I have had through this experience. 

Innah Gaspar

Communications Coordinator, CARE International Secretariat

Reshma Khan’s guidance and leadership was critical for our team to design and implement workshops for over 140 CARE staff members to engage in dialogue around diversity, equity and inclusion within our communications practices and processes. Reshma engaged in interviews with staff and analysed responses from surveys, to develop a comprehensive and clear report on the themes found. She also led the workshops as the main facilitator, providing a strong and compassionate voice that both guided and engaged the participants.

Esther Watts

Country Director, CARE International in Ethiopia

In 2018, Reshma led two separate team effectiveness workshops with our senior leadership team at CARE Ethiopia, using the Herrmann Whole Brain Dominance Instrument © . In the second workshop she successful managed to get over 60 staff to better understand their dominant ways of thinking, and therefore being, and more importantly, in understanding each other, and what led them to either collaborate effectively or be disconnected. As a facilitator, Reshma led the workshops with finesse, inclusive understanding, and respect for the various cultures present

Ihlas Altinci

Family doctor from Syria living in Turkey

I had the pleasure of knowing Reshma as a coach few months ago. I have gained many insights through my coaching experience with her, and which have resulted in changes that have impacted my approach in self-management, leadership, also my family. Her unique ability to quickly assess my skills, also to guide me through the development of a pragmatic action plan were beyond description.

The individual coaching sessions I had with Reshma were magical; somehow she just made me “pour out” my deepest feelings, fears and hopes. She is a brilliant and extraordinary person who knows what to say and how to say it so that it would be meaningful. She is always professional and made this coaching a memorable experience. I will definitely take the things I learned from her with me throughout my life and career. I would strongly recommend Reshma as a coach who will profoundly impact your career as well as personal life.

Yanna and Mimi

Part of the LifeLab team in the Philippines

Yanna – Reshma’s leadership training sessions have been vastly transformative for our global team. Through her perceptive guidance, we were able to achieve a fresh sense of synergy and determination needed to adapt through the business challenges presented by the worldwide pandemic. Her coaching approach is inspiring and comforting, yet respectful and never encroaching. I can speak for myself and our other team members that we all looked forward to each of her sessions. Thank you, Reshma!
Mimi – Reshma has effortlessly brought out my inner thoughts, hopes, and dreams through her life-changing coaching sessions. Her discerning guidance was instrumental both individually and as a team, she was able to shed some light through the trying times of 2020. She made us embrace business and life transitions in the most tranquil way possible. I am forever grateful for this experience that instilled within me.

Media Engagement


Mercy Day keynote with Assumption High School, 2020 – Social and environmental injustice, diversity, inclusion, and our role


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